REGIN PULSER X/D - Electric heating controller for external signal 0-10 V

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REGIN PULSER X/D - Electric heating controller for external signal 0-10 V
PULSER X / D is a proportional power controller for electric heating. The unit is designed to be controlled by a suitable signal from an external controller. PULSER X / D switches the entire load on and off in the on and off manner. The ratio between on and off time is variable in the range 0-100% to suit the prevailing heating demand. The current is always switched at zero phase angle to avoid high frequency interference - RFI. PULSER X / D is designed exclusively for the regulation of electric heating. The control principle makes it unsuitable for controlling motors or lights. Supply voltage 200-415VAV, 50-60Hz, max 16A. DIN rail mounting. Control 0 to 10V. The PULSER X / D cannot control 3-phase loads because only one phase is regulated.

REGIN PULSER X/D – Datasheet - en
REGIN PULSER X/D – Instructions - cz

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