Emissions Monitoring, Flue Gas

Using Testo flue gas analysers, you can achieve particularly accurate measurement results in flue gas analysis, thanks to the highly accurate electrochemical gas sensors. The values exhaust gases which are released during a combustion process can be determined using a flue gas analyser. As a rule, un-purified exhaust gases contain air-contaminants and health-damaging environmental pollutants (e.g. CO2 , SOX, HCL, NOX, CO). The proportion of these substances in the air determines the degree of pollution. Testo’s flue gas analysers can be used to measure these values and to take steps to combat contamination. Whether for flue gas analysis or other emission testing – with analysers, the adherence to legally prescribed limit values or the analysis of exhaust gas – and the saving of costs – is no problem. Whatever the requirement and application, Testo will have the instrument to suit your needs, whether it is a reference, industrial or portable flue gas or emissions analyser.
Monthly Specials For December
TESTO 340 Flue gas analyzer
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