Testo measuring instruments are equipped with special probes (Pitot tubes, thermal probes, vane probes), which allow highly accurate measurement in the three velocity ranges of flow velocity measurement:

lower range 0 to 5m/s: thermal probes
middle range 5 to 40m/s: vane probes
upper range 40 to 100m/s: Pitot tubes
Anenometers such as the testo 405, for example, are suitable for the measurement of volume flow and temperature determination in addition
Monthly Specials For January
TESTO 460 TESTO 460 Measuring instrument for rpm incl. protecti
4719 Kč
Sale: 4247 Kč incl. VAT
3510 Kč excl. VAT
Save: 10% off
TESTO Pocket Line 410-1 / rychlost, teplota
3291 Kč
Sale: 2962 Kč incl. VAT
2448 Kč excl. VAT
Save: 10% off
TESTO Pocket Line 606-2 / vlhkost vzduchu a materiálu, teplota
5421 Kč
Sale: 4879 Kč incl. VAT
4032 Kč excl. VAT
Save: 10% off
TESTO 476 RPM measu. instrument pocket strobe incl. tran. case
25531 Kč
Sale: 22978 Kč incl. VAT
18990 Kč excl. VAT
Save: 10% off
TESTO 810 Pocket-sized temperature measuring instrument
2589 Kč
Sale: 2330 Kč incl. VAT
1926 Kč excl. VAT
Save: 10% off
TESTO 540 - Lux meter
4271 Kč
Sale: 3844 Kč incl. VAT
3177 Kč excl. VAT
Save: 10% off
TESTO Reflectors, self-adhesive
738 Kč
Sale: 664 Kč incl. VAT
549 Kč excl. VAT
Save: 10% off
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TESTO Pocket Line 410-2 / rychlost, teplota, vlhkost
5070 Kč
Sale: 4563 Kč incl. VAT
3771 Kč excl. VAT
Save: 10% off
TESTO 470 - Rpm measuring instrument set
9438 Kč
Sale: 8494 Kč incl. VAT
7020 Kč excl. VAT
Save: 10% off
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