Frequency converters

The new G120P BT frequency converter is ideal for ergetically efficient control of air and fluid flow in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems in commercial and residential buildings. The use of G120P BT makes it possible to achieve energy savings of up to 60%. Thanks to Siemens' many years of experience in the field of heating, ventilation and air conditioning, the G120P is highly reliable and offers many intelligent and safety features, adapted to the mentioned applications. The modular concept of the frequency converter guarantees great flexibility and service comfort. In addition, you can benefit from ease of use, long life and efficiency throughout the entire life cycle - from installation and commissioning through operation to maintenance.

The universal frequency converter V20 is suitable for simple applications and for installation in a switchboard (IP20). The inverter has pre-made macros with typical applications, with which it can be easily commissioned. The delivery includes a built-in display. An external control panel (needs to be ordered separately) with IP55 protection can be connected with an Ethernet connecting cable with an RJ45 connector (not included in the scope of delivery), which will enable convenient control of the inverter from the cabinet door.
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