COMET Logger U7844 - Four channel data logger with pulse and two-state inputs

Model: CO_U7844
Manufactured by: COMET System
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U7844 - Four channel data logger with pulse and two-state inputs
This model includes four inputs. Two of them can function as counters, and all four inputs can function as binary inputs. Both counter and binary inputs serve to monitor voltage signals or signals coming from   voltage-free contact. The binary input changes are registered immediately, irrespectively of the recording interval setting. To safe record the input status, the signal must be present for at least 1 s. Binary inputs can capture connected/disconnected voltage status. The counter states are recorded according to the set Record interval. Input signals are connected to a connecting block. The device’s ingress protection is IP 20. Due to its low ingress protection the device is not suitable for using in dusty rooms or rooms exposed to water ingress. The maximum length of the input wires should not exceed 30 m. It is recommended to use shielded cables. The battery in the device cannot be charged.

Optional input configurations:
• 2 x counter + 2 x binary input
• 1 x counter + 3 x binary input
• 4 x binary input
Technical data
  • Measured value: Two-state signal, Pulses
  • Parameters of the voltage contact „L“ level input voltage:< 0,4 V(*);
  • „H“ level input voltage:> 2 V;
  • Minimum voltage applicable:0 V;
  • Maximum voltage applicable:+30 V DC
  • Parameters of the voltage-free contact Contact resistance in „switched-on“ state:< 10 kOhm;
  • Contact resistance in the „switched-off“ state:> 300 kOhm;
  • Contact voltage in the „switched-off“ state:ca 3 V;
  • Minimum state duration necessary for latching the state:1s
  • Counter parameters Range 24 bits (16 777 215), possibility of letting the counter overflow
  • Maximum pulse frequency configured for voltage input - max. 5kHz
  • configured for a voltage-free or open-collector transistor - max. 200Hz
  • Operating temperature -20 to +60 °C
  • Channels 4x binary input nebo 2x binary input a 2x counter
  • Memory 500,000 values in noncyclic logging mode; 350,000 values in cyclic record mode
  • Recording interval adjustable from 1 s to 24 h
  • Display and alarm refresh adjustable 1 s, 10 s, 1 min
  • Recording mode noncyclic - data logging stops after filling the memory
  • cyclic - after filling memory oldest data is overwritten by new
  • Real time clock year, leap year, month, day, hour, minute, second
  • Power Lithium battery 3.6V, size AA
  • Protection class IP20
  • Dimensions 61 x 93 x 32 mm
  • Weight (including batteries) approx. 120 g
  • Warranty 3 years
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