REGIN SDD-S65-RAC - Smoke detector for duct mounting, ionisation, relay output

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REGIN SDD-S65-RAC - Smoke detector for duct mounting, ionisation, relay output. The detector is equipped with a relay output and cannot be connected to Regin ABV control units ... The built-in relay allows the unit to create a poplar without connection to the control unit. The detectors have a built-in service alarm function to detect bulk dust and dirt that takes place over time. When the degree of contamination reaches a level where there is a risk of false alarms, an alarm is triggered and the detector must be cleaned of accumulated dirt. Detectors should be regularly tested and cleaned to ensure proper operation. The function of the detectors can be tested with REGIN - SMOKE SPRAY TEST SS-260.

Detektor kouře REGIN SDD-S65-RAC – Datasheet - en
Detektor kouře REGIN SDD-S60(5) – instrukce pro montáž - cz
Detektor kouře REGIN SDD-S65-RAC – Instructions - en

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