VCP Prostorový hydrostat HRS 1CS

Model: VCP_HRS 1CS
Manufactured by: VCP
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Application:  For controlling and monitoring relative humidity in office and residential rooms, baths, labs, control, cabinets, computer rooms etc.. Not applicable for aggressive gases.

Installation: Wall-mounted or on in-flush box dia. 55 mm, socket with 4 holes for mounting on vertical or horizintally installed flush boxes, with predetermined breaking point for on-wall cable entry.

Technical data: 
* Power supply 24 - 230 Vac >24 V in dry rooms only according to VDE 0110
* Setting range 35 to 100% r.H.
* Switching capacity for dehumidifying, 5 (0.2) A min. 100 mA, for humidifying, 3 (0.2) A, min. 100 mA
* Sensing element plastic fibres 
* Operating difference approx. 4% r.H.
* Tolerance max. 3% r.H.
* Enclosure temperature 0°C to +40°C

VCP – Room Hygrostats – datasheet /eng/
VCP – Room Hygrostats – Declaration of Conformity /eng/

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