COMET T5000 - CO2 monitor with built-in carbon dioxide sensor

Model: CO_T5000
Manufactured by: COMET System
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COMET T5000 - CO2 monitor with built-in carbon dioxide sensor
CO2 monitor - carbon dioxide level sensor. Although carbon dioxide is invisible and odourless, increased CO2 content in the room leads to fatigue and decreased mental concentration. No useless data, three coloured LEDs give instant information on CO2 concentration in the air.

  • T5000
  • Instruction Manual
  • Traceable Calibration Certificate
  • FREE software TSensor for Configuring of the Transmitter
  • Power Supply

Method of CO2 monitor multipoint calibration leads to an excellent accuracy measurements of CO2 in the entire of operating temperature range. With this sensor is the device able to meet the demanding requirements for outdoor use. The measurement principle is based on the NDIR principle with dual wavelength, which automatically compensates for aging of the sensor. The sensor is resistant against the pollution and provides maintenance-free operation and excellent long-term stability. Transmitter contains a microprocessor based control circuitry in a durable plastic case with connection terminals.

The CO2 concentration sensor is built inside the case.
CO2 monitor – instruction manual

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