VITEKO Flammable gas detector SPH-7 - METAN

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The VAT-7-METAN flammable gas detector is used to detect flammable gases in gas boilers and adjacent spaces.
For detection, a non-selective semiconductor heated sensor is used which can react to other technical gases, but the
largest Sensitivity is detected when detecting a flammable methane gas.
The detector is designed as stand-alone with a 230V supply, possibly powered by a 12V back-up power supply and
with potential-free outputs to the control system or to switch contactors and emergency gas shut-off control.
The detector is designed as stationary, all checks and calibrations are assumed at the location.
On the detector plate is the optical signaling of the operation, the exceedance of the first and the second level of the
flammable gas concentration and the sensor failure.
The detector is located in an IP40 enclosure.

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