REGMET P14S - surface contact temperature sensor Ni1000/6180 IP65

Model: REGM_P14S
Manufactured by: REGMET
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The surface contact feeler is used for temperature detection on piping and tubes (e.g. cold-water or hot-water), or on heating sections for heating system control. The head of sensor is made of polycarbonat, cover is provided with quick-locking screws.
  • Measuring range -30 ÷ 120 ° C
  • Two-wire connection
  • Accuracy: Class B, IEC 751 (Pt100, Pt1000), Class B, DIN 43760 (Ni1000, Ni10000, Ni891, Ni2226) ± 1ºC (NTC20kΩ)
  • Temperature head -30 ÷ 80 ºC, dimensions: 74x66x39 mm, material polycarbonate, color blue (custom gray)
  • Insulation resistance> 100 MΩ at 25 ºC (500 V DC)
  • Protection class IP 65 (EN 60529)
  • Relative humidity <85%
  • Terminal block COB 5/2, conductor cross-section 0.35 ÷ 1.5 mm 2
  • Cable gland PG9, conductor diameter 4 ÷ 8 mm
  • Variants 2P14x - (sensors with two measuring elements)

REGMET Surface contact temperature sensor type PL14x and P15x – data sheet /en/

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