GRUNDFOS ALPHA1 L 25-60 180mm R1 230V

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GRUNDFOS ALPHA1 L 25-60 180mm R1 230V

Universal Circulator Pump for Boilers
The ALPHA1 is the only upgrade and replacement pump that fits 95 % of boilers equipped with Grundfos pumps.
With its compact design, simple connection to boiler signal cables (PWM), and tolerance for higher ambient temperatures, the ALPHA1 fits seamlessly in the majority of boilers equipped with Grundfos pumps, regardless of the boiler brand. This makes it easy to replace broken or inefficient pumps without the need for excess spares.

Energy Efficient Performance
Not only is the ALPHA1 a convenient and reliable option to replace broken pumps, it also offers superior energy efficiency- making it the perfect choice for an upgrade. The ALPHA1 features a state-of-the-art energy efficient motor that uses less energy to operate than older models, and can result in lower operating costs.

Fits 95 % of boilers equipped with Grundfos pumps
State-of-the-art energy efficient motor for energy and cost savings
Reliable performance and long pump lifetime
Quiet operation, low running noise levels of 42-43dB(A)
The ALPHA1 is suitable for running in:
Underfloor heating installations
Mixing units and boiler kits
Domestic hot water systems
Biomass heating

Grundfos – Pumps ALPHA1 L – Datasheet /en/

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