DINEL "FLEXI WATCH" FLD-32N-W-S-K2 with 2m cable /programming wire

Model: DINEL_FLD-32_W_2m
Manufactured by: DINEL
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DINEL FLEXI WATCH FLD-32N-W-S-K2 with 2m cable /programming wire
The FLD – 32 “Flexi Watch” surface level sensor is designed to indicate the presence of liquids (both conductive and non-conductive) in glass or plastic containers. Sensitivity and switching mode can be easily set using the "programming" wire or magnetic pen, depending on the type of sensor used. The sensor case is made of flexible polyurethane material and is provided with a self-adhesive layer and holes for fixing tapes.

Detection of various types of liquids - water, diesel, oil, coolants, aqueous solutions, some types of solvents. Suitable for plastic container tanks, plastic tubs, swimming pools, canisters etc.
The sensor is not designed for level measurement on warning boards and on the walls of vessels with antistatic treatment (partially electrically conductive).

DINEL Hladinový snímač FLD – 32 „FLEXI WATCH“ - datasheet /en/

DINEL Hladinový snímač FLD – 32 „FLEXI WATCH“ - instructions /en/


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