Frequency converter ABB ACS580 - 55kW 400V IP21

Model: ABB_ACS580-01-106A-4
Manufactured by: ABB
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Frequency converter ABB ACS580 - 55kW 400V IP21
Price includes ACS-AP-S assistance control panel.

The ACS580 Pendant Universal Drive is designed to control a wide range of variable and constant torque applications such as pumps, fans, conveyors and mixers, as well as process control in a variety of industries. The drive is equipped with built-in features that make ordering and delivery easier, and reduces commissioning costs because you get everything in one compact package. The drive delivers harmonic distortion thanks to built-in second-generation variable inductance technology in a smaller and lighter design. Other built-in features include Category C2 EMC Filter, Brake Chopper up to Frame R3, Modbus RTU Application Interface and SIL3 Dual Safe Torque Disconnect (STO) interface. The drive and all options have a lacquered printed circuit board as standard, which increases durability under heavy duty conditions.

Power supply connection
  • Voltage and power range 3-phase, UN2 = 208 to 240 V, +10% / –15%, 3-phase, UN4 = 380 to 480 V, +10% / –15% 0.75 to 250 kW
  • Frequency 50/60 Hz ± 5%
  • Power factor cos φ = 0.98
  • Efficiency (at rated power) 98%
Motor connection
  • Voltage 3-phase output voltage 0 to UN2 / UN4
  • Frequency 0 to ± 500 Hz
  • Motor control Scalar and vector control
  • Torque control Torque rise time: <10 ms at rated torque. torque Non-linearity: ± 5% at nominal torque. torque
  • Speed ​​Control Static Accuracy: 20% Nom. motor slip
  • Dynamic accuracy: 1% s with 100% torque increase

ABB ACS 580 – datasheet /en/
ABB ACS 580 – manual /en/

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