Pressure switcher TSA 2K 05M/ 0,15-0,30

Model: 30 01262 901027
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Type 01262 (TSA 2K) - standard version with cable. This version is designed for single-phase pumps. Simplifies connection of pressure switch. Includes power cable and pump cable.
The TSA pressure switch is used to switch due to pressure changes in pressure vessels. In conjunction with a pump or compressor, it serves to maintain the pressure in the pressure vessels of domestic waterworks within the required range. Easy regulation of start and stop pressure. High number of switching operations. They can be operated with a non-aggressive working medium such as water, oil or air. They are suitable for use in damp and wet areas (resistant to splashing water) and are sufficiently protected from dust.
TSA design 2K With cable 2m
Cut-off pressure 05 0,55MPa
Pressure medium supply = connection M  sleeve nut G 1/4’’
Range / 0,15-0,30MPa

Pressure switcher TSA – Datasheet /en/
Pressure switcher TSA typ 01262 with cable – Instruction for TSA /en/

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