SIEMENS Thermoelectric actuator STP121.L20 24VAC/DC, NC, cable 2m

Model: SI_STP121.L20
Manufactured by: SIEMENS
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SIEMENS Thermoelectric actuator STP121.L20 24VAC/DC, NC, cable 2m
Electrothermal drives STA.. and STP.. do not require maintenance and their operation is silent. After connecting the control signal to the drive, the temperature of the heating element increases and thus causes the expansion of the solid medium. This expansion is translated into linear movement of the valve stem. The valve starts to open after preheating the element, which takes approximately 1.5 minutes, if the heating element is connected from a cold state (room temperature) and the maximum stroke is reached after another approx. 2.5 minutes (230 V) or 3 minutes (24 V). When the power is removed, the expansion element will cool and the valve will be closed.

● ST..121.. Operating voltage AC/DC 24 V
● Conversion force 110 N
● Connection cables 1 m / 2 m / 2 m without halogen / 5 m
● Direct mounting on valve with M30x1.5 mm thread
● Spindle position 10.8mm (NC), 15.1mm (NO)
● Degree of protection IP54
● Thermal expansion element
● Easy mounting on the drive thanks to presetting
● Durable and maintenance-free

NO «normally open» version: After mounting the actuator, the valve is de-energized open. The drive spindle is energized extends and the valve closes. Valve status with de-energized actuator: open.
SIEMENS – Electrothermal actuator STA a STP - Datasheet /en/
SIEMENS – Electrothermal actuator STA a STP - Mounting instruction /en/

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