SIEMENS RDG260KN Room controller for fan-coil units

Model: SI_RDG260KN
Manufactured by: SIEMENS
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SIEMENS RDG260KN Room controller for fan-coil units
Room temperature and relative humidity controller with display for two/four pipe fan-coil, weekly time program, manual or automatic control of fan speed, control of combination of fan-coil with radiator, floor heating, electric heating, electric floor heating, built-in humidity sensor , 3 inputs (heating/cooling switching, separate temperature sensor, limit sensor in the floor, window contact, card reader), supply voltage AC or DC 24 V, outputs for valves 0 - 10 V or ON/OFF, fan 3-stage or 0 - 10 V.

3 control outputs Y (0-10 V DC), 3 voltage-free relay outputs Q, possibility of mutual combinations for valves and fan, KNX TP1 communication (S-mode, LTE mode) 

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 23 November, 2023.
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