SIEMENS RDG200KN Room controller for fan-coil units

Model: SI_RDG200KN
Manufactured by: SIEMENS
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SIEMENS RDG200KN Room controller for fan-coil units
Room temperature and relative humidity controller with display for two/four pipe fan-coil, weekly time program, manual or automatic control of fan speed, control of combination of fan-coil with radiator, floor heating, electric heating, electric floor heating, built-in humidity sensor , 3 inputs (heating/cooling switching, separate temperature sensor, limit sensor in the floor, window contact, card reader), supply voltage AC 230 or 24 V, outputs for valves AC 230 or 24 V, for fan AC 230, 24 V or 0 - 10 V

Triac control outputs Y (3x on/off, 3x PWM or 2x 3-point), fan 3 or 1-stage or DC 0-10 V KNX TP1 communication (S-mode, LTE mode)

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 23 November, 2023.
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