SIEMENS Rotary actuator GPC321.1A 230V AC 4Nm 60s 2-point control, spring return

Model: SI_GPC321.1A
Manufactured by: SIEMENS
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SIEMENS Rotary actuator GPC321.1A 230V AC 4Nm 60s 2-point control, spring return
Rotary actuators with return spring. Use in air handling and air conditioning areas to control air and throttle valves. The damper drive guides the damper to the required position after connecting the operating voltage.

Electric rotary actuators of the GPC series for on/off, three-point and continuous control
● 4 Nm nominal torque
● Operating voltage AC 24 V ~ / DC 24…48 V ⎓ or AC 100…240 V ~
● Connected cables with a length of 0.9 m
● Return spring (closing time 15s)
● Location indicator

● Auxiliary contacts for auxiliary functions
● For flaps with an area of up to 0.6 m2, according to friction.
● Suitable for use with controllers with continuous (DC 0/2...10 V), on/off or three-point control.
● For directly controlled zone flaps for air flow control in air ducts.
● We recommend a minimum pulse length of 500ms for rotary actuators with 3-point control to ensure continuous and accurate operation.
● Robust DC brushless motors ensure reliable operation regardless of load..
● Flap actuators do not require a limit switch, are overload resistant and will stay in place when the end position is reached.
● Gears are maintenance-free and silent.
● Easy and reliable fixation of the shaft.
● Mounting bracket included.

SIEMENS – Rotary actuators GPC series - Datasheet /en/
SIEMENS – Rotary actuators GPC series - Mounting instruction /en/

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