Interior temperature sensor SENSIT PTS300 - Pt1000/3850

Model: SE_PTS 300
Manufactured by: SENSIT s.r.o.
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Temperature sensor Pt1000/3850.
These resistance sensors are designed for temperature measurement of gaseous substances in water-protected areas – e.g. for temperature measurement in rooms (schools, theatres, lecture halls, etc.), offices, interiors of residential houses or even production floors. Suitable design and high-quality material ensure that the sensors do not feel disturbing even in the interiors with high aesthetic requirements. You can choose the color of the box white or gray.

The temperature range of the sensors is -30 to 100 °C. The sensors meet ingress protection IP 30 according to EN 60529, as amended. Installation is recommended on an inner wall at the height of 1.5 m, in areas of movement of persons, at places not exposed to direct sunlight and not influenced by heat from walls, heating radiators or lighting.

The sensors are designed to be operated in a chemically non-aggressive environment, the use must be chosen with regard to the temperature and chemical resistance of the sensor head.

Interior temperature sensors – datasheet /en/

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